Refund Policy


We want you to be happy with the service we provide to you. However, if you’re not, we provide refunds within 24 hours.

Please be aware that it may take longer for the money to appear in your bank account. Each bank has a different processing time. If you want to apply for a refund, email us immediately at Make the word ’refund’ the subject of the email and we’ll get straight onto it.

We refund your service fee payment in 24 hours via our payment provider. You’ll receive an email confirming that we released the funds to your bank account. 

We can only provide refunds for services provided in the last 180 days. We cannot refund any payments outside of this timeline.

This is the fastest way to get your money back.

There’s no need to make a dispute or chargeback. Just reach out to us and we’ll get straight onto it.  Chargebacks only delay the refund process. They take at least 21 days to process so you can get your money back.

Be mindful that, if you applied for a membership renewal we cannot refund the government fee of $100.00.

When you cancel our service, we delete your application form from our database. Read our Privacy Policy for more info.

A residual copy is kept on one of Google’s encrypted servers for up to 60 days. Only Google has access to this info. We keep basic data about your transaction if you cancel our service after your form is submitted to the govt. The data we keep is your name, email address and PASSID. This is to use as proof of our transaction with you. You will not receive any emails from us once your form has been canceled.

We’ re not liable for anything above our service fee.

Please note: We cannot refund the mandatory U.S. government fee ($100).

If you believe that you are due a refund, please e-mail: with the subject line: Name of Applicant: Refund