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Global traveler forms are easy to fill out. There’s no complex jargon. Just email us if you need help with the form. You must answer questions about your work, home address, and travel during the last 5 years. There’s no age limit to join Global Entry. However, parents must fill out the form for their kids. You must fill it out as though your kid was filling in the form.

First, find your passport and your driver’s license. You’ll also need your PASSID if you’re renewing. If you have a PR card, you’ll need that too.


The program is open to United States citizens & green card holders, Mexican nationals & citizens from over 10 other countries.

You can expedite the line at all U.S. airports as well as leading airports in Canada and you can expedite the security line on departure from the U.S.

No need to fill out customs paperwork, or stand in immigration lines when you return from abroad.

Fast track thru’ immigration & security lines at all leading U.S. airports 


Fast Track The Arrivals Hall




Global Entry Benefits

Reach home faster from a long trip

Use the fast lane in the passport control hall

Get 5 years membership for a one-off fee

Expedite the security lines on departure

Global Traveler Forms Eligibility

If you live in the USA and you’re a United States citizen or a United States green card holder you can get Global Access. If you’re a Mexican national, you’re also good to apply. There’s no age limit so you can sign up the whole family.

The United States Customs and Border Protection have also created joint partnerships with other countries that allow citizens from these countries to join the program.

The countries are UK, Germany, Switzerland, India, Argentina, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Columbia and Panama. If you’re from one of these countries you may have to get an approval code from your local government first.

Global Traveler Forms Timing

The current official wait time is 6 months (sometimes even longer), although many applicants wait far less time. This means that from the moment you send in your global entry form to the time you can schedule your mandatory interview, it will take you 4–6 months.

Every new applicant regardless of age, has to attend an interview and you must ensure that each applicants has filled out a separate global entry form.

Once approved, your membership card will be mailed to you within 10-14 days.


We make the application process easy!

We offer a paid-assistance service specializing in Global Entry form filing.

Fill In The Application Form

Just fill out our fast, easy global traveler form.
It will save you lots of time and it’s way easier than the government’s form because we've made it jargon-free.
If there's something you don't understand, we're here to assist you every step of the way.
No question is too trivial. We pride ourselves on great service and attention to detail!


payable via our payment provider


paid directly to CBP

Global Traveler Form Checking

We examine your Global Traveler form in depth and let you know via email about any errors or missing information. When we have the correct information from you, we set up an account for you on the government databases (there are two relevant to the Global Traveler program). Then, we carefully enter your information onto the Trusted Traveler database.

Submitting Your Application

We provide you with free form submission to the government, once we have carefully qualified and checked your global entry form.

Attend An Interview

It doesn’t matter who you are, or how old you are, every new applicants has to attend a 30-minute interview at an enrollment facility of your choice.

Use The Global Kiosks

At the kiosks you need to have your passport ready for scanning. Answer the on-screen questions, look into the camera then collect your customs receipt and you're good to go!


The way you applied for Global membership last time has changed. You will need to reapply using your PASSID, which you got either on your membership card or from your approval letter. This makes it sound like renewing membership is a walk in the park, right? Sadly, it’s not that easy. The U.S. government is working tirelessly to keep our country safe from both external and internal threats. To this end, they have made the application process more secure and this means it takes more time.

Now when you reapply, you have to create a new security profile be fore you can get to your original application. We can do all of this for you and speed up the renewal process.

If your membership runs out before you get approval for the next 5 years don’t worry! You can continue to use the kiosks for 12 months providing you have submitted a renewal application.

You may be called for interview if some of your information has changed, but there’s no need to attend at an enrollment center – most renewal interviews can be scheduled online using the Zoom platform.


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We offer paid-assistance service specializing in Global Traveler form filing.

Please familiarize yourself with our terms of service before appointing us to file your Trusted Traveler application.

We are a private company not a United States government agency. Additionally, we are not associated with any United States government agency.

You should know that we cannot influence the outcome of your approval or denial to a trusted traveler program.

If you wish you can use the US government to file your global traveler form.


We set up your security profile;

We meticulously check your data

Additional information alerts

Free application submission

Get to ’Pending Review’ stage within 48 hours

Security login information to take control of your profile

Assistance with interview scheduling

Help with denied applications

Security & data privacy

We respond to refund requests  within 24 hours and you have 90 days to claim a refund.

If you believe you qualify for a refund, please email us immediately at

This is the fastest way to receive your refund.

When you cancel our service, your global traveler form containing your personal data is deleted from our database within 24 hours.

We are not liable for anything above our service fee;

Please note: We cannot refund the mandatory U.S. government fee ($100).